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Is the Honda Airbag Recall Necessary?

Is this Honda Airbag Recall necessary? We will not answer that question with a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’. However, consider these facts…. This  is currently a voluntary action by the car manufacturer. No one is forcing American Honda Motor Company to administrate this. This recall is,  at this point,  100% the decision of the car manufacturer. The manufacturer […]

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Nashville Acura Service Alternative

Nashville Acura car owners have an excellent alternative to using the high-priced franchised dealer option. Accurate Automotive, Inc. was established in May of 1997 by a service technician that had previously worked at the local Nashville Acura franchised dealership and also at one of the local Nashville Honda franchised dealerships. Accurate Automotive has a staff of […]

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Honda timing belt replacement at Accurate Automotive

The Honda timing belt replacement interval is very important. While many late model Honda and Acura vehicles now use a timing chain instead of a Honda timing belt, the Honda and Acura vehicles that are equipped with a V6 engine still utilize a Honda timing belt. Honda and Acura vehicles that use a Honda timing belt have a recommended replacement […]

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Honda timing belt or Honda timing chain?

Honda timing belt replacement is recommended by the manufacturer, every 7 years or 105,000 miles, whichever occurs first. If wondering about the condition of the Honda timing belt in your vehicle, start out by verifying that it has a Honda timing belt. In the past decade, American Honda has eliminated the use of a Honda timing belt in […]

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Nashville gets their Acura car repair performed at Accurate Automotive

When needing a quality Acura car repair or maintenance need resolved, many middle Tennessee Honda and Acura car owners choose Accurate Automotive instead of the local franchised dealership service department. For almost 20 years, Acura car owners in Nashville, TN have had a better option for their Acura car repair needs in middle Tennessee. Most car owners hate the idea of taking their car back […]

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Accurate Automotive Launches New Website

The number of Honda and Acura automobile owners has increased in the areas around Rutherford County, in middle Tennessee. For over 40 years, consumers have regarded the name ” Honda ” as a brand  that reflects quality, and reliability. In 1986, when American Honda introduced it’s Acura line of automobiles,  consumers were offered that same quality and reliability but on […]

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