Transmission Repair

Since 1996, not just the engine is controlled by your car’s onboard computer. Starting with the 1996 production model, all vehicles for U.S. application (both foreign and domestic) have computer controlled transmissions (when equipped with an automatic transmission). This means that the automatic transmission in your Honda or Acura vehicle is precision engineered. Because the automatic transmission is controlled by the computer, a check engine light can indicate a transmission problem instead of an engine issue and can prevent the passing of the local State of Tennessee annual emissions. test.”

Along with the engine, the late model automatic transmission is one of the most complicated components of Honda and Acura vehicles. To properly maintain the quality and reliability of your Honda and Acura automobile, Accurate Automotive recommends a regular automatic transmission fluid change interval of once a year or every 15,000 miles (whichever occurs first) and the use of the Genuine Honda or Acura automatic transmission fluid. This will help ensure a long and trouble free life of the transmission. In the event that the automatic transmission needs to be replaced in your Honda or Acura vehicle, we use transmission units rebuilt by H&A Transmissions, Inc., in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. H&A rebuilt automatic transmissions may be the best application for transmission replacement in Honda and Acura automobiles. In addition to the quality and reliability of their transmissions, H&A also offers up to a 3 year, unlimited mile warranty on their rebuilt units. H&A replacement transmissions also include an additional transmission fluid cooler for towing and greater than 5 passenger capacity applications, which include the Honda Pilot, the Honda Odyssey and the Acura MDX.

At Accurate Automotive, we also stock most clutch master cylinders and slave cylinders for Honda and Acura vehicles equipped with manual transmissions. We replace worn out clutch discs, pressure plates, release bearings and pilot bearings, in manual transmission applications. In additional, we can accurately diagnose and repair drivability issues associated with drive axles and other various drive train symptoms you may be experiencing with your Honda or Acura vehicle.