Acura Airbag Recall Marketing Scheme?

Why has American Honda Motor Company voluntarily instituted a safety recall on the SRS airbag systems in so many Acura vehicles? Is it really a safety issue or a marketing scheme?

Since 1997, Accurate Automotive, Inc. has been offering an alternative to the franchised dealership service departments in and around Nashville and middle Tennessee. Acura car owners love us for the simple reason that with only one Acura franchised dealer in middle Tennessee, many feel they are not treated well when they go there. At Accurate Automotive, our Acura car customers sense our consideration for their time, and the sincerity of trying to save them a little money when we can during routine Acura service and repair procedures.

Recently, after receiving a notice in the mail, we have had several service customers ask us if we could perform the Acura Airbag Recall. The answer is no. All recalls and warranty repairs for Acura vehicles must be performed by an authorized Acura franchised dealer.

So is the Acura Airbag Recall a marketing scheme?

The one sure way to know if the recall is a scheme can be determined on how long it takes the Acura franchised dealership service department to perform a visual inspection of the SRS airbag and then what they try to sell you after the recall is complete.

If they come out with a ‘grocery list’ of things “they found while they had your car in the service department”, then you’ll probably come to the same conclusion that many of our service customers came to.

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