Honda does not force Acura dealer service to keep warranty

American Honda does not force Acura owners to only use the franchised dealer service department for maintenance items while their Acura is under the original factory warranty.

Presently, if you purchase a new Acura car the standard factory warranty covers the vehicle (bumper-to-bumper) for 48 months / 50,000 miles and (factory drive train) for 72 months / 70,000 miles. During these warranty periods, many Acura owners incorrectly assume that they must exclusively use the Acura dealership service department for all service and maintenance, to maintain the integrity of the Acura new car warranty. This includes customer pay items that warranty does not cover such as oil changes, brake inspections, service intervals, and tire rotations. This assumption is incorrect.

In most cases, the manufacturer of Acura vehicles, American Honda Motor Company will force Acura franchised dealer only service department assistance for repair claims, while under the original new car warranty or the customer may risk having to pay for the warranty eligible repair out-of-pocket, if they take it somewhere else.

If the Acura vehicle has a service recall, the manufacturer of Acura vehicles, American Honda Motor Company will force Acura car owners to only use the Acura dealership service department for recall compliance recognition. This is because service recalls are problems involving safety issues and are monitored on a car-by-car basis not only by the manufacturer, but also by the Federal Government. When an Acura car owner is notified that their vehicle is under a factory recall, the manufacturer will force Acura franchised dealer only assistance so they are assured that after the recall is performed, the Acura dealer verifies and records that the safety recall correction has been completed and the individual unit, by unit serial number has been marked off the list for needing the repair specified in the safety recall.

While many times routine maintenance is required to maintain new car warranty status,  American Honda will not force Acura only dealership service departments to complete the service and maintenance procedures. Service and maintenance is not covered under Acura’s original new car warranties.Manufacturer does not force Acura only  service wile under warranty The car owner is responsible for these expenses so the manufacturer will not force Acura only dealership service department assistance to perform routine maintenance on Acura vehicles. In fact, the manufacturer cannot force Acura dealer only maintenance to maintain new car warranty status. It’s actually against the law.

Accurate Automotive has been helping Acura and Honda owners maintain their vehicles since 1997, and many of the vehicles while still under the remaining balance of factory warranty. Accurate Automotive will always use  parts and procedures that will not compromise the quality, warranty status or reliability of Acura and Honda vehicles.Manufacturer does not force acura only service pic 2

Logistically, because Accurate Automotive’s facility fronts I-24 east, at Exit 64 (the Waldron Road exit), travel time is minimal and convenient for most middle Tennessee Honda and Acura car owners.

This includes consumers seeking their Acura car maintenance needs who are coming out of Nashville, TN and also those coming from Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Antioch, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Old Hickory, and Rivergate.

If you reside in middle Tennessee, the next time you have an Acura car maintenance need, just give Accurate Automotive a call at 615-220-0333. This privately owned, independent shop is dedicated to quality customer service.

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