The Result of an Exaggerated Viral Outbreak Threat will be a Weakened Consumer Confidence Level

What does 9/11, the financial crisis of 2008, and this way-overblown viral ‘ outbreak ‘ have in common?  A weak consumer confidence level –  scaring consumers into not making purchases.

Along with it being an election year; this world-wide viral epidemic of hysteria has placed a strangle-hold on the U.S. economy.

With so many consumers not knowing:


  1. when they will go back to work
  2. if they will have the same job that they had before ‘ this paranoia ‘
  3. and the uncertainty of their household income this year

it is likely that if they were considering a new car purchase, the new car brochure was thrown away last week.


The ‘ silver lining in the storm cloud ‘ is we’ve had worse things occur. On Tuesday, September 11, 2001; consumer confidence went very low and people ‘got smart’ with their money.

Back then, starting September 12, 2001 and for the next 18 to 24 months; our customers serviced, and  / or fixed their Honda and Acura vehicles and kept driving them.

While this is not possible with every make of vehicle on the road – let’s face it –  most domestic cars are crap and so is the garbage cars that come out of Europe – but Honda, Acura, Toyota, and Lexus tend to be vehicles that have good parts supplies, are well built, and worth fixing when they break.

At Accurate Automotive, we started specializing in Honda and Acura vehicles on May 25, 1997. Since that time, we’ve seen a lot, grown and prospered; thanks to the patronage of our beloved customer base.

Whether you need maintenance, repair, minor automotive paint repair, or towing; our business infrastructure is vast and can help – if you own a Honda, Acura, Toyota or Lexus badged vehicle..

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